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Advanced CSV Converter supports all the modern data interchange formats, such as XLS, XLSX
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25 November 2015

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It is of known fact that CSV format is a great mean to transfer data owing to the sheer convenience this format affords. However there are times when you need to transfer the data from CSV files into other formats like XLS, RTF, etc. For the purpose you need to perform the conversion of CSV files, without loosing the data. In case you are looking for a suitable application to get this done with ease then you can try Advanced CSV Converter 1.60 software. It supports easy conversion of CSV file into the other file formats like Dbase III and IV, Visual Foxpro, TXT, Clipper, Foxpro, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF and SQL. The application easily plucks the data from the CSV file, turns it the data fields list and finally converts it into the specified formats. The conversion process goes follows a sequential manner that makes it easy for the users to operate the program.

Advanced CSV Converter 1.60 uses a wizard style application to help the users in converting the CSV data files into any supported formats with minimum effort. To start the conversion process, first you need to select the Source file or folder, and then you need to set the Output file location and the desired language. Moving to next step the program plucks and displays the data of the .csv file. Along with it you can also select the Delimiter, and enable the features, Header in first time and OEM charset. The ‘Sort by’ option can set to be HTML, PUBLIC, etc, and to be more specific in the selection, you can set the Columns and Filter options. Completing these you need to move onto the next step, to select ‘All fields in quotas’, ‘Expert field names, Quotas, Fields delimiter, and enable the feature to view the file after the process completes. Click Finish, the conversion is done and the program would open the output file in front of the user.

The Advanced CSV Converter 1.60 software can make a cakewalk out of the conversion process. The application is valuable addition to your utility box as it transfers the data into another format without loosing any content, and it seamless performance earns it a rating of 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Advanced CSV Converter is a fast and accurate csv converter supporting popular data exchange formats.
Most databases use CSV files for data import because it is a popular and handy way of loading large amounts of data. However, from time to time you may need to convert your CSV file into a file of some other popular formats, such as XLS, XLSX or RTF. This often poses a problem, but not for Advanced CSV Converter users. CSV Converter is an easy way of converting CSV files into a multitude of other file formats, including DBF (Dbase III, Dbase IV, Visual Foxpro), TXT, HTML, PRG (Clipper, Foxpro), XML, Excel (XLS, XLSX), SQL and RTF.
CSV Converter is very easy-to-use and the solution to your conversion problems. CSV Converter simply plucks all data out of the CSV and turns it into a nice list of data fields, ready to be saved to a multitude of formats. The program is designed as a step-by-step wizard, which makes conversion easy and visually clear. Among the great benefits of the program are the ability to set filters by example (query by example) and the batch conversion support: you can run from both the command line and from the program itself. In other words, CSV Converter is an experienced 'translator' from CSV to a variety of other data format languages. To learn more or to download a trial version, visit Get started today!
Advanced CSV Converter
Advanced CSV Converter
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Typical of all so called FREE software it is only free to download. Why don`t people advertise truthfully.
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